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By now, most people have a decent idea of what social media is, but just in case, here’s a run down of how it works. Social media is a way for people to stay connected, whether that’s through imagery and video on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest or with words on Facebook and Twitter. And then there’s Linkedin, offering a slightly more professional, networking opportunity. 

These are organic environments where, yes, you can advertise to people, but it goes deeper than that. Your brand has to give something back in order to get the attention you crave. And you don’t just want attention from anyone, you want to reach your audience, plus anyone else who should be in your audience.

That’s the great thing about social media you can reach more people than ever with the right platforms and the right message. With Leblek on your side, you can communicate with different audiences and communities to help drive new growth for your business. Allow us to break our social media management for you:

  1. We find out more about your brand. From talking to you, we can decide which platforms you should be using to connect with existing customers as well as to reach new ones.
  2. We manage those platforms with tailored content. This helps people to engage with your audience and spreads the word about your brand, but it also means more leads for your business if someone is seeking an answer to their problem.
  3. We can boost and promote your content. By using paid promotion, you can reach even more people who may not find you by themselves. And boom, just like that you’ve increased your potential.

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Why Choose Us for

Social Media

At Leblek, we’re a social media agency, so you can unfreeze now. Or you can let us manage your social media accounts to make sure you’re always on top and up-to-date on the most appropriate platform for your brand. Let’s talk more about that.

If you’re going to have a presence for your brand on social media, it’s worth doing well. So whether you aren’t sure which platform is right for you and how to use it or you know all about it but just don’t have the time to run it, you need help. That’s our role here at Leblek in Nottingham.

We help you to expand your audience and take care of the day-to-day management of your profiles. We’ll create a cohesive strategy and make sure everything is up to date so that you can focus on other parts of your business. With years of experience and a team that stays on top of all the latest developments in social marketing, you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

Let us maximise the potential of your business on the right platforms. Pick up the phone or fill in our form if you’re a little bit shy and we’ll open all the right doors for you.

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